Georgia-Pacific DensDeck Roof Board

Fire resistant | Moisture resistant | Dimensionally stable | Strong

gp-densdeck.pngWith billions of square feet installed in a complete range of roofing systems and climate extremes, DensDeck® Roof Boards have proven its toughness and versatility. The unique construction has been shown to withstand delamination, deterioration, warping and job site damage far more effectively than paper-faced gypsum board and other conventional roofing products such as wood fiberboard and perlite.

  • Provides superior fire protection
  • Fire, rot and hail resistant
  • Holds up well under normal construction and maintenance foot traffic while stiffening and stabilizing roof decks
  • Easy to install in all types of roof systems
  • Ideal product for direct membrane application
  • Tested within roofing systems for sound isolation


densdeck-board.jpgDensDeck® is designed to address persistent challenges inherent in commercial roofing assemblies: fire resistance, strength and dimensional stability when installed in a properly designed roof assembly. DensDeck is a fiberglass mat-faced, noncombustible (as described and tested in accordance with ASTM E 136), nonstructural, gypsum core panel.


DensDeck Prime with EONIC™ Technology

gp-densdeck-prime.jpgIn keeping with the tradition of market-driven innovation DensDeck® Prime Roof Board includes EONIC Technology, a patent-protected enhancement that has doubled its resistance to moisture, making it the only roof board with manufacturing specifications that include 5% total water absorption resistance by weight and 1-gram surface water absorption performance on both sides of the board. (Based on published manufacturing specifications as of June 1, 2020.)

DensDeck® Prime combines all the features of standard DensDeck with an enhanced surface treatment. The green surface coating allows uniform spreading of adhesives, which results in a stronger, more consistent bond. For cold mastic and torch applied modified bitumen as well as all fully adhered single-ply systems, DensDeck Prime provides a stronger, more economical installation by reducing the amount of mastic or adhesive, potentially eliminating the field primer and reducing the number of fasteners required to achieve high wind uplift values. Consult with membrane manufacturer for actual priming requirements.


GP DensDeck Roof Board Guides and Brochures

GP DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board

stormX-XSec-600px.jpgStand up to Severe Hail Conditions

When you’re looking for the best defense for your roof assembly designs, there’s only one cover board to consider. DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof Boards incorporate increased moisture resistance and strength, as well as preeminent impact resistance in one multi-use roof board. It is classified by FM (Factory Mutual) Global for VSH (very severe hail), the tough new hail standard in FM Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-34.(1) Specify DensDeck® StormX™ cover boards wherever you need enhanced impact resistance, but always specify it in very severe hail zones.